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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - PS3 - 2013

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - PS3 - 2013

Příspěvekod Rebirth33 » stř 18. pro 2013 10:33:18


Game Title : Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Release Date: March 19, 2013
Platform: PS3
Publisher: Activision
Developer : Terminal Reality
Genre : Action

Localization: English
Publication Type: License
File Size : 4.02 GB
Firmware : CFW 4.30 +
Rating PEGI: 18 +
Rating ESRB: M

In The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct familiar from the television series Brothers Daryl and Merle Dixons fight and survive . It can be recharged in a nasty dead face with a rifle , shotgun or handgun . However, as the developers have promised , the noise will attract the crowd walking . Therefore, most of the time you have to play in a sort of zombie stealth : quietly sneak past enemies squatting , one with a knife from behind to send them back to hell , throw bottles to distract zombakov .

And when did you notice ( enemies not only hear and see well , but also able to smell the smell of a hero if he sits for a long time in one place ) , it is best to beat the dead with something sharp and cold in the face, and not to shoot from hysterically " firearms ." Then in the hands of his signature appears Daryl's crossbow, and he will not have so much to hide and walk on his heels . All weapons thus has different characteristics. Sledgehammer , for example , kills faster than a machete , but the time required to swing more.

On the spot and promised survival. Player Survival Instinct does not exist in a vacuum. On the contrary - he is the leader of a group of survivors who are traveling by car on the town America in search of refuge . Some companions join the plot , on the other you can accidentally stumble (or hear a cry for help ) , exploring the locations and take with you. Or not to take. After all, the car may not be enough space corny . Therefore, periodically get the chance to find a more roomy cars ...









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